Secure Password Manager for Your Phone

These days we have so many passwords to remember. We need passwords for email accounts, banking websites, social media accounts, online shopping, just about everything needs a password! The average person needs to log into about 20 different accounts regularly and passwords often have requirements that you need to include numbers, symbols and capital letters. How can we remember so many different complex passwords? Although the experts warn us not to use the same password for all our accounts, most of us are guilty of this little shortcut.
However, reusing the same password for all your accounts carries great risk. If even one of your accounts is hacked, then criminals can get access to all your important accounts, including bank accounts! Or if hackers gain access to your email account then they can use the password reset links on websites to gain control of your other accounts.
A solution to this problem, is to use a secure password manager to store and even generate passwords for you. CoverMe’s encrypted password protected vault includes a password manager for you to store all your passwords.
CoverMe’s secure password manager is organized into 6 categories: ID Cards, Wallet, Web Sites, Accounts, Email, Others.

In ID cards, you can store information like driver’s license, passport and membership cards. In Wallet, you can save your credit card, debit card, bank account, Paypal and Alipay information. In Website, you can store information about any website you want and the most popular websites are already listed to get you started, such as Facebook, Google and YouTube. Accounts is where you would put information about your computer password, server password, iTunes and Dropbox. In Email, you can save passwords for Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo or any other email accounts. In Others, you can save things like software license key, calling card numbers or whatever you like.

CoverMe not only stores passwords, but it can also generate unique, random passwords for you to use. Use CoverMe password manager to safely store all your passwords for you on your phone!
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