Second Phone Number for Private Calling

There are many times in our lives when we will need a second phone number for some reason. For example – dating, work or just to have a convenient and safe private number to use for private calling.
When you first start to date a person, you do not know how the relationship will go. It may turn out to be the love of your life or a nightmare that you would rather forget about. So it’s important to have a disposable number that you can easily set-up and terminate if the relationship goes sour. We sure don’t want to be bothered for months by that guy or girl who won’t leave us alone! CoverMe offers private phone numbers for the U.S. and Canada and they are real phone numbers that you can use to text and call anyone in the world.
When your relationship is going great, you also can make use of the features in CoverMe’s private calling. When you have one private phone number to use with your loved one then your private calling won’t be interrupted by other people.
You can also have a different phone number for different purposes. Having a second phone number just for business calls is very useful. You can set-up personalized alerts so that you know who one is calling you. When you are at work, you can ignore calls to your personal number. When you are at home, you can ignore calls to your business number. Being able to separate our personal life from our business life lets us be more efficient and professional while at work and allows us to enjoy our rest time when we leave work.
With CoverMe’s private phone number, you can also have voice mail features to help you record important calls. You can block numbers from people who you don’t want to contact you anymore and you can enjoy encrypted calls if the person you are calling is also using CoverMe.
CoverMe’s private phone number has excellent call quality and you can choose inexpensive packages to suit your needs.
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