Private messaging to Hide Text Messages and Protect Your Privacy

Instant messaging remains to be the most popular way to get in touch with friends. The safety of private messages is still a serious problem concerning most people. When you look at so many messaging apps on the app store, how to choose the best one to protect your private messages? CoverMe is a good choice.

Control messages on your phone

Firstly, messages on CoverMe are delivered over encrypted network and will never be revealed. Secondly, messages are stored with Master Passwords and Decoy Passwords so it’s hard for others to access it. A Decoy Password is a fake password. When someone enters it to access CoverMe, he will only see nothing instead of your real account. Thirdly, you can set personalized notification to disguise incoming messages. Others won’t know the real contents of your messages from the notification.

Control messages on the recipient’s phone

Prying eyes can get your privacy from not only your phone, but also the recipient’s. With CoverMe, you will never have to worry about messages revealing from others’ phones. Your sent messages can be deleted as soon as they are read or after certain time such as 5 minutes, 30 minutes, 3 hours, 1 day and so on. If you send a wrong message by mistake, just recall it immediately before it is read. You will have full control of your private messages on the recipient’s phone, including shared photos, videos, location and document.
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