Private Message to Keep Your Chat from Prying Eyes

How safe are your text messages? Are corporations or the government intercepting your private message and getting information about you? If you had followed the news headlines these last few years then you should know that your text messages are definitely vulnerable to surveillance and that the United States’ NSA has been collecting and storing up to 200 million text messages from citizens around the world each day.
They can gather information about who you talk to, what you’re talking about, your financial account information and even your location.
So what can we do to protect our privacy? We can use an encrypted message app, like CoverMe, to send private message that can’t be intercepted and read by others.
CoverMe provides end-to-end encryption of messages that are so secure they can only be read by the sender and recipient. CoverMe’s military grade encryption makes it impossible to reconstruct the message without the decryption key which is only available to the recipient.
Not only can you send secure and private message, but you can also send photos and videos that will be fully encrypted.
To add an extra level of security to your private message, CoverMe lets you send self-destructing messages that will delete right after the recipient has read the message, or you can have the messages delete after a specified time. You can also remotely recall messages. These message self-destruct and message recall features make it difficult for your recipient to forward your messages.
If you are using your phone in public and don’t want others to see your private information, then you can use a decoy password to enter a different account. Your decoy account is a real account that you create with non-sensitive information that you don’t mind others seeing.
CoverMe’s “shake-to-lock” function lets you quickly activate the lock screen with the shake of your phone. If any intruders tries to break into your phone by guessing your password, your camera’s front facing camera will secretly capture their photo, time and location and store the information for you.
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