Must Have Private Texting App

One of the most useful apps you can get on your smartphone is a private texting app like CoverMe that lets you send and receive free texts and even gives you a private phone number to use for making free calls. You can save loads of money on long-distance calls and keep your hard earned money in your pocket!

CoverMe’s private texting app  can give you a real U.S. phone number to use to make and receive calls. You can also send and receive text messages with this private phone number. If you have reliable access to WiFi then you don’t even need to use your phone’s data plan and you can make free calls and send free texts!
You can send and receive texts from anyone, even if they are not using CoverMe. If you are both using

CoverMe, then you both benefit from CoverMe’s powerful end-to-end encryption technology and your messages cannot be intercepted and read by anyone else. You will also be able to send free voice messages, geographical location, photos and files.

With CoverMe private texting app, you can get multiple private phone numbers for whatever use you want. For example, you can have one number for Craigslist ads, another number for your friends and another number for your family. You can even configure personalized alerts for incoming calls and messages so you know what group is calling you. You can also set-up voice-mail and call forwarding.

A very handy feature of CoverMe, is that message records and phone calls will never show up on your regular phone bill. CoverMe knows how important your privacy is, and we’ve designed this private texting app to help you keep your communications away from prying eyes.

Not only does CoverMe save you money on texts and phone calls, but it gives you powerful features to protect your privacy.

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