How to Stop Someone from Prying your Texts?

When you are on the bus or wait in a long line, what would you do to kill time? Most people are likely to text or send messages on social networking apps to chat with friends. The problem is that there are people around you in such public places and some may satisfy their curiosity and kill time by finding out what you are doing with your phone. Have you ever noticed that the person beside you is peeping your phone when you are chatting with friends? What do you do about it? Are you upset about it but don’t have any effective action?
Wouldn’t it be great if you can disguise your chatting app when others try to take a look at your messages? When you feel like someone is glancing at your phone, shake your phone to lock the app instantly. Disguise it with a mask and pretend you are doing something else so that person will no longer be interested in viewing your phone anymore. With this feature, your private messages will be safe from prying eyes on public.
Which app can be instantly locked by a shake and disguised with a mask? CoverMe! 

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