How To Make Anonymous Calls

Sometimes you need to make a call to someone you are not familiar with and you don’t want that person to know your real number. Once that person has your real phone number, it can lead to months and months of unwanted phone calls. You use your real phone number for work, for your business accounts and your private life. You can’t just terminate your real phone number and get a new one! Think about the hassle of contacting everyone you know and all the places you do business with just to tell them you changed your phone number? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to make an anonymous call and protect your real number?
Sometimes you want to play a joke on your friends for April Fool’s Day or even just any regular day. Think of the fun you can have by pretending to be the government tax department and making your friends think that they are in trouble and sweat. But calling them with your real number will spoil the whole joke, of course.
So how can you avoid using your real phone number and make anonymous calls then? You can get a private disposable phone number from CoverMe!
CoverMe gives you a real U.S. or Canadian phone number that you can use however you like. It is just like a real phone number and you can make and receive calls and texts from anyone, even people who are not using CoverMe.
Whenever you want to make an anonymous call, get a CoverMe private number. It’s cheap, easy and disposable. You can activate it and terminate the phone number at any time.
You can have more than one CoverMe’s private numbers at a time and you can set up call forwarding, voicemail and call blocking with your private number.
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