How to Hide Your Cell Number

Telemarketing calls are one of the most annoying things that can happen. Imagine you are at home after a long day at work, maybe enjoying dinner with your family or watching your favourite TV show. Then your phone rings. Not knowing if this call is important or not, you run across the room to grab your purse and dig through until you find your phone. Finally answering the call, you are greeted by the rehearsed robotic speech of a telemarketer. You groan, roll your eyes and hang up quickly, but your mood is already spoiled.
So how can we stop these annoying calls? Is there any way to Hide your number from telemarketers? CoverMe has an idea! You could get a private number from CoverMe and use that number in situations where you suspect your number may be used by telemarketers. This could be anytime you fill out surveys, apply for a loyalty card, fill out a product warranty application or enter a contest. Any time you give out your phone number, it can be sold to telemarketers and they will love to call you.
For these situations, you can Hide your number and use  your CoverMe private number. The CoverMe number is just like any real phone number. You can use it to text and call anyone and you can also receive calls and texts. CoverMe supplies real phone numbers for the United States and Canada. Once you start getting calls from telemarketers on this phone number, you can easily terminate it and get a new CoverMe number.
Don’t let pesky telemarketers bother you again, spoil their plans with a disposable CoverMe phone number. Packages for a private number start as low as $6.98 and is a small price to pay to Hide your number.
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