How To Hide Private SMS and Call Logs on Android

The SMS records on your phone contain a lot of private information – who we are messaging and what we are saying. Our phone call logs can also reveal a lot about us – who we call, how often we call them and at what times. If you leave your phone unattended for just a few minutes, your family members or colleagues can grab your phone and read all your private SMS. Or what if your friend needs to borrow your phone to make a call and then he sneakily peeks into your call logs and SMS?
The best way to protect your call logs and private SMS is to use a mobile security app such as CoverMe to hide your records. With Android version 4.0 and after, CoverMe can automatically intercept text messages and send them directly into the CoverMe app.
When you get a private phone number from CoverMe, all the text messages you send and receive from this number will not go through your phone’s messaging system but will instead go straight into the CoverMe app. Once your private SMS are in CoverMe, they are protected by great security features like multiple levels of password safety and intruder detection. All the calls you make and receive from your CoverMe private phone number will not appear on your phone bill either, leaving no trace of evidence about your calls.
You can also hide your private contacts inside the CoverMe app. When you add a contact into the private address book in CoverMe, you will be asked if you want to delete the contact from your phone’s address book. If you choose to delete, then this contact information will only exist in CoverMe and will no longer be in your phone’s contact list.
CoverMe helps you keep your communications private by directly sending private SMS to CoverMe app, hiding call logs and contacts,. Applying for a private CoverMe phone number is the first step towards keeping controlling of your phone’s data.
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