How to Hide A Conversation on Your Phone

There are plenty of legitimate reasons for needing to hide conversations on your phone, for example, if you have sensitive work communications on there or are having a discussion about your medical history with your doctor. As such, private messaging is an important function on any mobile device because it allows you to keep sensitive material secure and away from prying eyes. Few phones actually offer a dedicated service for private chatting so your messages can be easily exposed, but fortunately, there are several ways you can keep them secret and safe.

Why do you need to hide text messages on your phone?

Messages to partners and conversations with people you are intimate with containing some of our most private feelings. The things we share should not be available to just anyone who picks up our phone or who needs to borrow it to make a phone call. There is currently no secret texting app built into most phones, and, unfortunately, most mobile phones only have a simple four-dot pin or a fingerprint on the home screen. That is no good if you are lending your phone to someone unlocked so they can make a call. What is to stop them from going through your messages? Even if they respect your privacy, you could get unlucky and receive a personal message just as you hand over your phone, meaning your friend has no choice but to see it because the preview pops up.
Another way for this to happen is if your children use your phone to play games. They have full access to all your conversations and private messages, and certain conversations are inappropriate for them to read. Or what if you use your phone for work purposes and have classified documents and messages from your boss containing strategy that needs to be kept secret? Right now, these are all visible to anyone.
In this day and age, with hackers everywhere and your online security constantly at risk, it is very easy for third parties to break their way into an unencrypted messaging service and steal personal information and data. They can then either use this information to blackmail you or even sell your records to third parties who will then market products to you or send you spam messages. Most phones use an unencrypted messaging service by default, and there is no in-built setting to change it to a more secure service. That means your text messages are sent unprotected across phone networks and they can be intercepted without you even knowing about it.

The solution to hiding conversations on your phone

Turn off text message alerts

Although most phones do not have proper encryption, at least one thing you can do to reduce the chance of someone accidentally reading your messages is to turn off message notifications.
To turn off your notifications on an iPhone, open up the settings app from your home screen. Then, tap notifications hit messages, and then swipe the allow notifications slider from right to left. It should turn from green to grey. This will get rid of all those pesky notifications. You can do this for most apps that have notifications, like Facebook Messenger.
To switch notifications off if you are using an Android, simply swipe down from the top of your screen to view your notifications. Then tap and hold the notification and hit the settings button. You can then choose to turn off some of them or all of them. It is very simple.
Unfortunately, turning off the notifications does not mean your messages are secure. Nor does it mean they are even secret. It just means that you will not get a preview popping up on your home screen and your buzzer will not ring. Anyone can still go into the messaging app and read through your messages unhindered.

Get a secret chatting app like CoverMe

The best way to get secret texting on your phone or to hide private messages is to download CoverMe, the free secret chatting app. CoverMe is a mobile app that you can get on either iPhone or Android and which uses military-grade end-to-end encryption to protect your messages and calls. It provides you with your own personal number, too, which can be used to call and text anyone with a number from the US, Canada, and China, and they do not even need to have the CoverMe app!
CoverMe has a ton of in-built security features. For example, you can make secure calls by using encrypted VoIP, send securely encrypted text messages (SMS), and create private groups with friends to share messages and make broadcasts that only they can see. It also lets you safely share your photos and videos with selected parties, while providing you with a personal, password-encrypted vault to store your messages, contacts, call logs, photos, videos, and even files.
CoverMe also has additional layers of security. You can create a decoy password to keep your secrets even better hidden, disguise your messaging service as a newsreader app, and even keep records from appearing on your phone bills.
As a bonus, CoverMe lets you create messages that self-destruct, preventing them from being easily re-distributed or copied. Now it is no longer a problem if you send a message by mistake. With CoverMe, you can even recall messages after they have been sent.
CoverMe is the complete package. Not only will you be able to hide secret messages, but you will also be upgrading your security and privacy to military levels. Finally, you can obtain some peace of mind and text whoever you want, whatever you want, whenever you want. And no one else will know a thing about it! To download CoverMe, just follow this link.