How to Change the Icon and Name of an App

The icon and name of an app can be changed? Yes! It is possible with CoverMe. In order to protect your privacy from prying eyes, CoverMe will wear a mask and change its icon and name to another app.

The mask app of CoverMe has all features of CoverMe. Open CoverMe, tap More-Appearance Settings-Change CoverMe Icon & Name-Download the mask app-Start the mask app -Import CoverMe data to the mask app. After it is finished, you can use the mask app instead of CoverMe and keep CoverMe features at the same time.
When you open the mask app, it stays on the its own screen and you can use its own features. You can access CoverMe anytime when you need to use it.
While sending private messages on CoverMe, shake the phone to go back to the mask app instantly so others won’t see anything private. When others open your phone, they can only see the mask app instead of CoverMe. The camouflage adds extra security to your privacy.
Download CoverMe from App Store or Google Play