How to Hide Phone Number when Texting

anonymous texting

When you want to reach out to someone, you don’t always want to do so publicly. This is because chances are the content of the text message you send is quite sensitive or involves your privacy. Anonymous messaging can extremely be handy in such situations.

Why Hide Your Phone Number when Texting?

Whether for personal motives or for security considerations, it is sometimes necessary to hide your real phone number when sending text messages. Anonymous text messages can protect your privacy, handle ad hoc situations and prevent you from being traced.

How to Keep Your Phone Number Anonymous when Texting?

Text messages don’t really have to be sent over the phone. There are now many ways to send SMS messages to real phone numbers without using a physical phone. Common channels are email and some messaging apps.

Send Text Messages via Email

To send anonymous text messages via email, you first need to create a new email account so as not to reveal your real identity. Then you need to confirm the correct phone number and phone carrier of the recipient like AT&T, Verizon, T-mobile, or else. Put the person’s email address together. Take the digits of the phone number and add the carrier’s domain. Finally, write an email as you normally would and send it to the person’s phone.

Tips: If you want your email to look more like a text message, pay attention to the formatting. Make sure to structure it as a text message and leave the subject line blank.

Send Text Messages via a 2nd Phone Number

If you find it troublesome to adjust the email format and you prefer to do it from your cell phone. Then using an application that provides a second number can help you send anonymous text messages quickly. A secure and good application such as CoverMe may be your best choice. It allows you to get a second phone number to send your messages globally in an anonymous way. Also, its end-to-end encryption technology ensures that your messages and call history are not compromised.

What Else You Can Do with a 2nd Phone Number?

The second phone number is popular among users as it has many practical features besides allowing you to send anonymous text messages.

Balance Business and Life

A second phone call separates your life from your work, leaving you more personal space. You’ll no longer be embarrassed by wrongly texting customers your personal messages or getting bombarded with messages from work during off hours. As you spend vacations with your family, you’ll be able to freely answer your private phone calls since they won’t come from any person from your job.

Boost Business

A second phone number puts your customers, business partners and colleagues clearly on the right contact list. You can quickly locate your target contacts, increase your productivity and make your business run better.

Protect Privacy

Besides business use, you can also use the second number for private use. It can help you send anonymous text messages and ensure that your privacy is not compromised. For example, as you use craigslist to buy a second-hand table, it’s unnecessary to leave your private phone number to the online seller for one-time communication. As a second phone number is used for temporary situations, you’ll feel so private and protected.

Bottom Line

  • If you don’t want the recipient to find out your real identity, try anonymous text messages.
  • There are many benefits to sending anonymous text messages, such as protecting your privacy and enhancing your productivity.
  • You can easily send anonymous text messages through email or mobile software, such as CoverMe.

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