How to Get a Free Private Phone Number

Nowadays, it is often difficult to set boundaries between our busy working life and our private personal life, especially if you only have one phone number for all your calls. Personal calls may interrupt important business meetings and make you look unprofessional. Getting a second private phone number to handle calls from your personal contacts will greatly help you separate your personal life from your working life. You will be able to quickly determine if an incoming call is personal or business and make a decision to answer or ignore it.
CoverMe offers you a free United States private phone number which you can use to text and call family and friends and save on long-distance calls. You will get a real U.S. phone number which can receive texts and phone calls from anyone in the world. You can also call anyone (U.S. domestic calls only) even if they are not using CoverMe.
Invite your friends to use CoverMe and you will all be able to make secure phone calls that no-one can listen in on thanks to CoverMe’s military-grade encryption technology. The sound quality of CoverMe’s digital VoiP (Voice over Internet) calls is often even better than traditional cell phone calls. Calls and texts made with your CoverMe private phone number will never show up on your phone bill log, giving you ultimate privacy to manage your personal life.

Follow these steps to get your free CoverMe private phone number:
Step 1: Go to to download the CoverMe app from Apple iTunes or Google Play.
Step 2: Register your account on CoverMe and set-up your password.
Step 3: Open the app, go to More -> CoverMe Phone Numbers -> Get Now! -> Continue. Then enter the area code or city name to find the phone number you want in the desired region.
Step 4: After you select a phone number, you need to wait 15 minutes for it to be activated.
Step 5: Once the phone number is activated, you can set-up special features like call forwarding and call blocking.

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