Get a Free Second Number for Your Phone with CoverMe

Do you ever wish you could have a second phone number to handle all your business calls? It would make our life a lot easier if we could separate our personal calls from our business calls. When you are at work, you don’t want to be interrupted by personal calls and after work you want to enjoy your free time and not be pestered by work matters. Some people even go so far as carrying around a second phone so they could have two phone numbers.
Well we have some good news for you! You can enjoy two phone numbers on one phone with CoverMe phone number app! CoverMe can provide you a U.S. or Canada private phone number that works just like a real phone number. The call quality is clear and excellent. You can text and call anyone in the world and you can receive texts and calls just like a real phone number.
If the person you are calling is also using a CoverMe private phone number, then your calls are also protected with encryption. Even if someone can intercept your phone calls, they are not able to decipher the call without the unique encryption key that only your receiver holds. This encryption protection also works for messages and you could send end-to-end encrypted text messages, photos and videos.
With the CoverMe phone number app, comes useful functions like call forwarding to forward your calls to a different number, call blocking to prevent unwanted calls from coming through and voicemail.
You don’t even have to limit yourself to two phone numbers. You can have as many phone numbers as you want with CoverMe. The possibilities are endless! You can have a phone number to give to new dates. If you like the person, then you can keep using the number. If you don’t them, then you can easily terminate the number and break your ties. You can get another number just for posting online, such as on Craigslist. You don’t want every stranger to see your real phone number so having a disposable phone number that you can easily terminate is very useful.
CoverMe phone number app gives users a second or multiple phone numbers, to turn your phone into a multi-line device. With one phone, you can now juggle all the different things you do in your life.

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