Get a Free Anonymous Phone Number For Dating

When you meet someone on an online dating site, you can first send messages and chat with each other online. By its nature, sending messages on a dating website provides a natural barrier between you and the other person. If you ever want to end the communications, you can just stop. Then it gets to a point where you want to exchange phone numbers and hear each other’s’ real voice and eventually meet-up in real life. Do you give your real phone number? What if it doesn’t work out and your date starts calling your phone number non-stop?

This is why it is a good idea to use a disposable anonymous phone number when you start dating a person. A number that you can start-up and terminate at any time and keep your real phone number private. When you don’t want to use the disposable phone number anymore, you simply terminate it and get a new number again.

Along with being an excellent mobile communications app for secure encrypted phone calls and messages, CoverMe can also give you a disposable anonymous phone number that would be great to use when you start dating. You can get a real U.S. or Canada phone number and use this number to send and receive calls and texts just like a normal phone number. The rates are low and the call quality is clear.

With a CoverMe anonymous phone number, you can also set up a black list to block unwanted callers and you scan set-up call forwarding to forward your calls to a different phone number as well.

Dating is hard enough these days! Of course we all hope to meet our perfect match and never have to go through the ordeals of dating again, but the reality is that we may have to try and try again many times before we find Mr. or Mrs. Right. For those times when you need to ditch your phone number and start fresh, use an anonymous phone number from CoverMe to take away some anxiety of dating.

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