Free Phone Lock App for Android

Many people may only want to lock a few specific apps on their phone (like banking apps) and don’t really like having their entire phone locked, what to do? In addition to being a great app for keeping your calls, text and photos safe, CoverMe is also a free phone lock app for Android where you can choose which apps you want to be locked!
Many of our users know that the CoverMe app can lock itself after a period of inactivity. If you are using CoverMe and need to put your phone down for a while, the lock screen will be automatically activated after a specified time and will look like a simple photo album. You enter your password and get back in. You can also give your phone a shake and the lock screen will come on. This is a useful feature for times when you are looking at private photos and someone walks in the room.
When you leave CoverMe app running in the background, you will have the added benefit of a free phone lock app. This function can be found in the CoverMe Vault menu. You select which apps you want to lock and you can even select different lock screen photos for each app.
When you open an app that has been locked by CoverMe, you will see the lock screen photo. The password input box is hidden to give an extra level of security. With CoverMe phone lock app, people who try to break into your phone won’t even know where to find the password input box! The password input box will appear when you do a long press for 3 seconds, or double-click the bottom left or bottom right corner.
Even if the intruder breaking into your somehow manages to pull up the password input box, they will only get 4 attempts at guessing your password. Each time an incorrect password is entered, CoverMe will secretly take a picture of the intruder, the date, time and location of the break-in and also what password they guessed.
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