CoverMe Vs NQ Vault -The Best Phone Vault App?

We all have things on our phones we want to keep hidden away. It may be your passwords, your financial information, confidential emails for an important business project or private photos and videos. This article compares the two leading vault apps – CoverMe and NQ Vault. Let’s find out which is the best phone vault app!

What can you store in the vaults?

Both CoverMe and NQ Vault gives you a private secure vault to store texts, photos, videos, documents, contacts, etc. CoverMe gives you an extra password manager to safely store and organize your passwords.
CoverMe: 2
NQ Vault: 1

App Lock

Both can lock other applications on your phone. You can choose which apps you want to have locked and they will be password protected. NQ Vault’s screen lock is a password input box, but CoverMe’s screen lock is a photo album and you’ll need to know where to tap in order to pull up the password input box. CoverMe’s extra level of security will fool many intruders.
CoverMe: 2
NQ Vault: 1

Cloud Backup, Decoy Account, Price

Both apps offer cloud backup. Both have decoy or fake account mode in the premium versions. Both are free downloads.
CoverMe: 1
NQ Vault: 1

Additional Features

NQ Vault also offers a private place for Facebook chatting.
CoverMe provides a whole range of additional features. You can make secure fully encrypted phone calls and send end-to-end encrypted text messages. You can also get real private phone numbers through CoverMe for the U.S., Canada, U.K., Belgium and Spain.
CoverMe: 3
NQ Vault: 1

Break-in Detection

Both will capture a photo of the intruder each time an incorrect password is entered, what incorrect password they entered and the time of break-in attempt. CoverMe will also record the GPS location of the break-in attempt.
CoverMe’s break-in detection is included in the basic version but NQ Vault only includes this in the premium version.
CoverMe: 2
NQ Vault: 1


The final score is CoverMe: 10, NQ Vault 5. Clearly CoverMe is the winner!
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