CoverMe Vault App to Hide Your Sexy Photos

Let’s face it, it can happen to any of us. You use your phone to take some pictures of yourself in all your natural glory and then never think twice that the photos are still on your phone. Maybe you are in a long distance relationship and want to send a special pic to your boyfriend or girlfriend. Or maybe you want to take photos of your body to see the progress you are making at the gym. Hey, it’s your phone and you can use it for whatever purpose you want!
The trouble is that your phone is vulnerable to all kinds of people. They could be maliciously trying to find compromising data about you or they could be using your phone for an innocent reason. What if you left your phone unattended for a moment to go to the bathroom and your mother looked through your phone to find that picture you took of the 2 of you on vacation last summer. Can you imagine how many hours of therapy you (and your mother) would need if she found your sexy naked photos instead?
Prevent these embarrassing moments by using CoverMe vault app to hide all your private photos, videos, passwords, document and voice recordings.
The encrypted vault app is invisible and completely impenetrable without a password, giving you twice the protection. When you log in to the vault with your main password, you can access all your hidden and encrypted files. If you are using your phone around other people, you can use a decoy password which will open a different area showing only the contacts and messages that you don’t mind others seeing. Even if other people spy on you and discover your decoy password, they will never be able to access your personal vault because only you know your main password.
The files in the vault app are only stored locally on your phone and not on CoverMe’s servers, so you can rest assured that you are the only person who can access your private photos.
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