CoverMe Private Cloud Storage Protects Your Personal Data and Communications

San Jose, California, Janurary 2016 – CoverMe, Inc., is pleased to announce their new CoverMe Private Cloud Storage service, which works together with their CoverMe app to provide high-security backup of your private, confidential data.

What is the purpose of CoverMe Private Cloud Storage?

Many people think that CoverMe only protects their phone calls and messages; however, CoverMe is capable of much more than that. CoverMe is the world’s most secure and private communications APP, creating a safe place for your communications that cannot be invaded or discovered.
In the past, users have often asked CoverMe if they lose their phone can they recover their photos? If CoverMe app is accidentally deleted, can they recover their contacts? If they change their mobile phone, can the data in the vault be transferred to their new phone? The new CoverMe Private Cloud Storage provides the solution to all of these questions, creating a safe and impenetrable place to store your phone’s data. CoverMe Private Cloud Storage takes care of all your privacy needs.With CoverMe cloud storage, you can save all your confidential information in a special cloud space allocated just for you, accessible whenever you need: From message logs to password management, from private photos to top-secret documents.

Multiple levels of security

Can CoverMe Private Cloud storage really protect your privacy? Can it be cracked by hackers resulting in huge information leaks? No need to worry. The biggest difference between CoverMe Private Cloud Storage and other ordinary cloud storage is that CoverMe has multiple independent password protections and the integrated use of a variety of the most advanced encryption algorithms.
If hackers try to use brute force to try to crack CoverMe’s multiple passwords, the number of possible combinations is greater than the number of atoms in the universe. Even if all the computers in the world are joined to crack CoverMe’s passwords, 1000 years is not enough time to figure out CoverMe’s password combinations, let alone to crack one of the multiple encryption algorithms.
All data stored on CoverMe Private Cloud Storage undergoes heavy encryption before being stored in a separate space for each user and can only be accessed by the user’s unique key. Each key is generated randomly using various information from the user and each user key is different. Even CoverMe’s programmers who have written the code are not able to crack the user key.
CoverMe Private Cloud Storage is the ideal place to store data outside your phone. You can rest assured that your data will be protected and accessible only to you, whenever and wherever you need it.

About CoverMe, Inc.

CoverMe was founded in 2012 in San Jose, California. Cover Me is dedicated to offering mobile security for all smartphone users. CoverMe developes mobile apps and cloud services to enhance security to phone calls and messaging placed by the smartphone user and to protect private information stored on smartphones.
Its major features include:

  • Make free secure phone calls
  • Send self-destructing messages
  • Recall or remotely wipe sent messages
  • Safely share photos & videos
  • Impenetrable vault for photos & videos
  • Hide private contacts, call logs & messages

CoverMe is available as a free download on the Apple App Store and on Google Play

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