CoverMe iOS 2.6.9, Be ready to update!

CoverMe Team is working actively to provide better experience for ultimate privacy protection. For the new version 2.6.9, several important features have been enhanced, like Backup, Phone Numbers, Calls & Texts.


Backup is very important for users’ private information. When you store some essential files in CoverMe but happen to delete them, you can still get them back if they have been backed up successfully. Some users had problem backing up their files according to their feedbacks. We have optimized the feature and made it easier for you to add extra safety to your private information.

Phone Numbers

We will provide US phone numbers with more area codes, including some hard-to-find ones. They are real phone numbers and can do everything the numbers from local carriers do. Pick a private phone number for secure calls and texts. You may even get your luck number!
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