CoverMe helps me manage my career and family

As a lawyer, wife and mother of a 5 year old son, having a career and running a family is not easy to do.
My job is very demanding and I have to deal all the time with sensitive classified client information. The CoverMe app gives me the privacy and security to handle important work communications and data on my phone. I can safely store photos, SMS and notes in CoverMe’s vault and no one else can access it.
My son often plays with my phone and with CoverMe, I don’t need to worry that he will accidently delete important files. I also don’t want my husband to know the full details of my job because I don’t want him to worry. CoverMe even has a decoy function that makes it appear like an ordinary app, with fake SMS and call logs to hide my real data. This app helps me keep my work and family life separate.
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