CoverMe App Review: CoverMe, Cover My Privacy

Security of private information is the issue which concerns most of us while using cell phones. Have my phone calls and texts been intercepted? Will my private photos and videos be revealed through the Internet? Is someone peeking at my phone when I am chatting in public? A CoverMe is enough to get rid of all these concerns from our mind.

What is CoverMe

CoverMe is the ultimate secure app providing private texts, phone calls and sharing of personal photos & videos with an impenetrable vault for protecting your secret contacts, call logs, messages, documents, notes, passwords, and private photos & videos from prying eyes.

Full messaging control

After sending messages, we are able to know whether they had been read by the recipient or not. The sent messages can even be deleted immediately or some specific time after being read, according to our custom setting. Have you ever suffered from the embarrassment of sending improper messages by mistake? Stop worrying about that any more. On CoverMe, what we have to do is simply recalling the wrong messages.

Private Vault 

Any private photos, videos or other confidential document can be hidden in the vault and even with a secret lock for extra secure. Keeping all the passwords in mind is difficult and keeping them in our mobile phones is insecure so let CoverMe solve this problem. Passwords of apps, credit cards, websites and e-mails are safe to be saved in the vault and we have no longer to try so hard to remember them.


Chatting with friends is a favorable way to kill time on the bus or subway. However, one thing disturbing is that the privacy may often be glanced or pried on purpose, which is why we are in desperate need of CoverMe. When feeling someone prying, just shake the phone and the app will be turned off within a second. It can also be transferred to a certain photo album, helping us pretend going through photos.

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