Can You Send Private Text Messages on iPhone?

If you’re like me, your cellphone contains all your deepest, darkest secrets – secrets only meant for you and a special person or confidential information about a project at work maybe? Some of those secrets may be plainly visible in your chat dialogs, exposed for everyone to see! So why don’t we do something to change that? Is there a way to send private text messages on iPhone?

CoverMe cares a lot about your privacy and we made sure that the CoverMe app gives you the tools you need to keep private text messages secure. When you send texts with CoverMe, they won’t appear on your mobile phone bill. In fact, you can even have your messages self-destruct as soon as your recipient has read them, limiting any chance that the recipient can forward your message without your permission. You can also set messages to delete after a specified time or remotely delete messages whenever you want and the message will disappear from your recipient’s phone.

Private text messages sent between two people using CoverMe will be fully protected with an end-to-end encryption algorithm. This means that only you and the recipient can read the messages. Even CoverMe’s own engineers would not be able to decode the message!

The CoverMe app is password protected, making it difficult for people to just pick-up your phone and go through your messages. We have even added intruder detection! Each time the intruder enters a wrong password, their photo will be taken along with the time and GPS location of the break-in attempt. CoverMe stores this information in a folder for you to check later to find out who is trying to spy on you.

With CoverMe’s private text messages, you can send text messages, photos and videos. You can also configure messages and call notifications so you know who is contacting you.

Don’t wait any longer to protect your important text messages! Try CoverMe and enjoy safe and secure private text messages.