Attention Parents! Are Your Children Using Secret Text Apps?

Secret text apps were first developed for businesses to discuss confidential matters privately. Texts will automatically delete after being read, leaving no evidence of what was said. The sender can feel secure knowing that the message they sent won’t be read by anyone else but the recipient and the recipient does not need to remember to delete the message as the message will delete by itself. Not only do secret text apps have self-destructing messages, but the app icon can also be disguised so others won’t know that you are using a secret text app.
Gradually, other users in the general public started to catch on to the benefits of using secret text apps. Teenagers especially like to use these apps to send private messages to friends without their parents finding out. The teenage years are a difficult time for youngsters, they are going through emotional and body changes and sometimes they need a private communication method. There is nothing wrong with that and it can be healthy if your child has a friend they can trust and talk with. However, as parents, you should have a watchful eye on your child’s activities to make sure they are not getting in trouble or being tricked by people. Parents need to be aware of the types of secret text apps available and what they can do.

Some popular secret text apps:


Encrypted messages will self-destruct after being read. Confide is available for smartphones and for desktops allow cross platform communication. Confide prevents readers from taking screenshot on most platforms and only  a few words in the message can be read at a time. The reader moves their finger over the message to make words appear.


Messages sent between CoverMe users are protected by strong military-grade encryption technology. You can decide when your messages will be deleted: immediately after your recipient reads it or after a specified time. You can also remotely delete a message whenever you want to.

3.Cyber Dust

Billionaire Mark Cuban enters the messaging app world with Cyber Dust secret text app. Once the recipient views the Cyber Dust note, it vanishes permanently in 30 seconds. Messages and photos cannot be traced and are not stored anywhere – not even on Cyber Dust’s servers – assuring all users a high level of privacy and security.

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