5 Best Secure Chat Apps

While emails are great for sending long, detailed information, it is not the best option when you need a quick response for short questions. Standard SMS messages are not secure and incur charges from your mobile carrier. To get the attention of your recipient and get a quick response, the best choice is instant messaging, but be sure to pick a secure chat app to protect your communications.

Here are 5 recommended secure chat apps:

CoverMe (Android, iOS) uses military-grade algorithms to encrypt messages from end-to-end. Once you send the message it will be encrypted for sending, then decrypted on the recipient’s side. You can set messages to self-destruct right after reading, after a certain time or you can remotely recall a message. A quick shake of the phone closes the app and displays the lock screen. CoverMe can be disguised as a news reader, so it will look like you are just reading the news. Secure chatgroup are also possible.

Telegram (Android, iOS, Windows) features end-to-end encryption ensuring that only you and your recipient can read the messages. Like CoverMe, Telegram lets you set a time for messages to self-destruct. Group chats with up to 200 people can be created.

Wickr (Android, iOS) lets you set a time for the delivered message to be deleted. Metadata, such as the time message was sent and geo-location can be removed as well.  End-to-end encryption is provided for every message and group chats can support up to 10 people.

Signal Private Messenger (Android, iOS) is the only app in our list that does not require both parties have the app installed in order to encrypt messages. The app adds a layer of security over standard SMS text and picture messages, giving you the ability to send encrypted messages to anyone.

Gliph (Android, iOS) operates across all your devices so you can switch between the mobile phone app or the desktop computer version. The “Real Delete” feature lets you permanently delete messages from your device, your recipient’s device and their servers whenever you want.