How to Get Free Disposable Phone Numbers

What would you when someone you met for the first time ask for your phone number? it is hard to say no, but are you prepared for possible harassment calls? Fortunately, you don’t have to give out your real number online or offline. It’s easy enough to pick up a private number or two that you can discard as soon as the wrong person gets a hold of it. In most cases, you can even do it for free with disposable phone number apps.


A burner phone number is one that you use for temporary need, such as listing on ebay,Craigslist. Burner, the temporary phone number app gives you one free number you can give out to people. The number lasts for one day, five voice calls or 15 texts. You can also “burn” it at any time to make it unusable. If you want the number to last longer, or you want another number, Burner has some paid options.


Textnow is another app that assigns you a free US phone number upon signup. You can use this phone number on your tablet or iPod so others can call and text you via your tablet. You can also send photos, videos via Textnow. It does have ads, but you can use in-app purchasing to upgrade to a version without apps ($5.99 per year). If you need a temporary phone number, Textnow can be a good choice.


CoverMe can give you a temporary phone number so that you can protect your main phone number and keep it private. This number is just like a real U.S. phone number and you can use it to receive calls, make calls, send and receive SMS. You can call and text anyone, even people who are not using CoverMe. CoverMe provides different plans for users; you can choose to keep the number for a period ranging from 30days to one year.

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