3 Good Reasons to Get a Burner Phone Number on CoverMe

3 Good Reasons to Get a Burner Phone Number on CoverMe

In the mobile age where even your phone number can be googled, the emergence of burner apps help a lot in protecting your privacy. If you have a burner app, you must be impressed with the convenience of getting a second phone number in a snap. Literally, burner apps allow you to get disposable phone number in whichever area code you want. You can choose to keep the numbers for years, or you can discard them after a week. If you ever display your number online and getting tons of spam calls, all you need is a second phone number. Actually, a proper alternative phone number can do much more than you expect. Below are 3 basic reasons to get one.

Add a work line

You were in a meeting and suddenly your phone rang, so you took the call only to find it’s another annoying spam call from the insurance company. Does it ever occur to you? To put you phone on mute is not the best way if you don’t want to be disturbed by spam calls and miss important calls form clients at the same time. The dilemma could totally be avoided if you separate your personal calls and business calls by having two phone numbers: one for work and the other kept for your family and friends. During work hours, you just need to defer personal lines.

Sell on Craigslist

Craigslist is a useful website to dispose of old stuff, but you need to be caution when posting your phone numbers. Chances are you may get harassed after you post your phone numbers on Craigslist. Using a Disposable phone number will help a lot. You can discard this temporary phone number the moment you sell your old car so you won’t receive any inquiry calls anymore.

Online dating

If you are not sure about the guy from online dating site, just don’t give your personal phone numbers. You can buy a disposable phone number easily on any secure messaging app like Burner, CoverMe, Sideline and use it to talk with online friends. If anything goes wrong for the online relationship, you just need to abandon the temporary phone number and your can totally cut off communication with that guy.

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