Students’ Phone Privacy will be Exposed by School WiFi

Most people may be shocked how school WiFi expose the privacy of students’ phone,  however, it is not a big issue if someone wants to track the information. When you connect to the school WiFi which means that your phone has already connected to school access point, they will able to know your IP address, source, and destination traffic. It may be a little horrible, but it is true. In fact, they can track all websites & apps which you visited on your phone and get all the cookie data from your phone. Someone may be want to say “ My phone should be safe cause I have already deleted all the history data and cookie on my phone”. You will never know that all your data already be updated to the server and it will be recorded. 

What you can do to avoid your information be exposed?

You need to download VPN app in your phone which can allow users to create a secure connection to another network over the internet. Moreover, it can enhance the privacy and security of the data receiving and information sharing.

NordVPN is a free VPN which allows you to access blocked websites on your smartphone or tablet. Moreover, it protects your information security, keeps your anonymity when surfing the net, chatting with your friends, purchasing items online, and much more. You can learn more about these by visiting our page.

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